Clementine and Rudy

 By: Siobhan  Curham

Location: FIC CUR

Genre: Contemporary- Fiction- Poetry, Art

Rudy is a street artist; Clementine is a poet. The day after Rudy sneaks out late one night and posts her first piece of artwork, Clem discovers it, awestruck. She takes a photo, writes a poem in response and posts them together on Instagram. Soon the two fifteen-year-olds meet and begin their unique friendship, one that nurtures creativity and results in a special creative collaboration. The girls may be from very different backgrounds, and experiencing difficulties at home, but each strives to be true to herself and follow her dreams

‘Clementine and Rudy’ follows the dual perspectives of two fifteen-year old girls called Clementine and Rudy, who connect over their love of street art and decide to join forces to create their own street art using Rudy’s art and Clementine’s poetry. However, the two girls are also dealing with their own personal struggles, as Rudy deals with her mothers new boyfriend moving in, and Clementine has to deal with her horrible stepfather, Vincent.

The friendship between Rudy and Clementine was one of my favourite parts of this book. I loved how throughout the book, you could see the two girls getting closer to each other and learning to confide in each other. I loved the descriptions of all the art work in the book and of all the settings which the book took place in. This book also dealt with a lot of harder topics.
Overall, ‘Clementine and Rudy’ was a fun read and I enjoyed every page of the book. This book is a solid YA book about art, poetry and the importance of friendship.- Sophie


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