Billy and Me

By: Giovanna Fletcher
Location: FIC FLE
Genre: Romance- Chic Lit

“There is no happiness like that of being loved by your fellow creatures, and feeling that your presence is an addition to their comfort.” 
― Giovanna FletcherBilly and Me

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Sophie May lives in her little village. Rather than travelling the world or setting off to university excitedly with friends, Sophie has instead stayed in the village of Rosefont Hill, living with her mum and spending her days working at the local teashop. The main reason for this is that Sophie May has a secret she’s been keeping. One day she meets the handsome Billy Buskin – an actor with high ambitions in his life, and as they fall in love, Sophie is pulled away from her village life and thrust into the spotlight. As Sophie is brought into Billy’s world – one which is different from her own – can she handle the attention that having such a public life brings?

Molly was my favourite! Molly was so kind, caring and I felt so much warmth radiating from her! She is the definition of ‘homely’, I felt so at home when she was around and in a strange way she brought happiness and comfort to me. I would LOVE to sit in her teashop, I’d probably spend all my time in there drinking tea, sampling the gorgeous cakes and having a chat with the other lovely local people!

The relationship between Billy and Sophie was beautiful, I could feel the romance and the feelings between them, and I was gushing over their love as I read. I’m certain that like me, many others will fall deeply in love with Billy! He is not only handsome, but he is romantic and thoughtful – Sophie May is a very lucky girl!

Billy and Me is stunning. I loved every second I spent absorbed in this wonderful story. Billy and Me is a delightful novel full of romance, friendship, love and tears. I laughed whilst reading this, and I must admit there were a few moments where I cried too!


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