Yours Sincerely. Giraffe

By: Megumi Iwasa
Location: EAS IWA
Genre: Cute:)

We have a Giraffe in the library- we do- a real one- loved, hugged and very much a part of our family. So I am buying him books to read - just for him. This in one of them and Jaime loves it!! Honestly he could not get his neck out of it! He now knows all about penguins- he told me- even though he cannot make any noises!

Dear You, Whoever You Are, Who Lives on the Other Side of the Horizon. 
I am Giraffe. I live in Africa. I'm famous for my long neck. Please tell me all about yourself. 
Yours sincerely, 

Giraffe is bored and decides to use the letter service by the also bored Pelican in search of a pen pal. Thus given both of them something to look forward to. The story is about Giraffe and Penguin’s friendship, how their correspondence impacts the animals around them and the question: “How do you imagine someone you’ve never meet?”

It is an endearing read, with simple but effective illustrations – both working together to make a charming and captivating story- Jaun


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