The War That Saved My Life

By: Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
Location: FIC BRA
Genre; Historical Fiction -WWII

“It had been awful, but I hadn't quit. I had persisted. In battle I had won.”

My beautiful great niece has a club foot. She is six weeks old. I am in love with her already! The medical intervention and supports she has had already is amazing. She has had little plaster casts, surgery and now  whopping big plaster of paris casts. then she will have a brace- by the time she is four she will be running around like any child! She will adventure, she will play on a park and she will chase puppies! It has not always been that way fro kids with club feet- especially kids in a war zone!

Absolutely breathtaking.

"The War That Saved My Life was phenomenal. An incredibly emotional and poignant read about one girl and the life she believes she deserves. Her mothers emotional and physical abuse due to her malformation from birth, nine year old Ada survives on dinner scraps and caring for younger brother James. She crawls around her one room apartment, not daring to attempt to stand for the fear of another beating at the hands of her mother, keeping the young girl compliant by threatening to harm James. Through her mothers constant verbal abuse, Ada would never dare to hope for more. A life where she can feel the sun on her face beyond the glass window where she sits, and watches the bustling life in London pass her by.

My heart ached for Ada. A girl so young, yet has never truly known what it is to have been loved or felt cared for. Her mother was not only neglectful but horrifically abusive, often sending Ada to spend hours tucked away inside a small cupboard for simply existing. So when the opportunity arises for children to escape the city in the hope that they will never see the conflict of a Nazi Germany invasion, Ada begins to covertly teach herself to stand then walk, the two siblings running towards freedom.

At last I understood what I was fighting, and why. And Man had no idea how strong a fighter I'd become.

Susan lives alone, until two malnourished children and forced into her care in the small Leeds coastal town. Susan hasn't any idea how to raise two children, especially since her best friend had passed away leaving Susan barely taking car of herself. Although she never leaves the children wanting for anything, it's Ada who sees Susan as just another person who doesn't want her. But as the weeks pass and both Ada and James return to health, the siblings thrive under Susan's care and Ada begins to hope for more. 

A remarkable young lady who's story left me breathless and stole my heart.

It was nothing short of exquisite. Ada's story although poignant, was filled with such a strength and determination, driven by the need to prove to her mother than she wasn't a disappointment and deserved to be loved. Just as Susan grew to love her. My goodness how I loved this book fiercely. This is a middle grade read that will appeal to a much wider audience and those who appreciate beautifully written fiction that will stay with you long after the final page is turned."-  Review from Kelly on


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