The Glow of Fallen Stars

By: Kate Ling
Image result for 9781510200180Location: FIC LIN
Genre: Sci/Fi, Dystopic- Romance
Series: Ventura Saga #2

Sequel to -The Loneliness of Distant Beings

"Let's wind back a little bit to Distant Beings -- this was a science fiction YA firmly rooted in the idea of making sacrifices for humanity, sacrifices you'd never reap the benefits of and the implications that can have for individual mental health. It's a topic that has popped up across science fiction and always makes me ponder; how would people on long space explorations really cope with knowing they'd never see a home, and that the ship would be all they knew.

Where Distant Beings dealt with the implications of that life, The Glow of Fallen Stars explores the implications of abandoning it.

The Ventura Saga is a great series of young adult fiction that explores philosophical questions around sacrifice, love, mental health and exploration. I've been impressed in both books how Ling will take time to build concepts and situations, only to dismantle them either subtly without you noticing or by taking a whopping great sledgehammer to it. Either way, it's thrilling stuff" Lizzie

I longed so hard for all the things that make life life, and I never thought they'd be mine. But now ... now they are. Now I have something to lose.

Seren and Dom have fled their old lives on board spaceship Ventura in order to be together. They crash-land on a beautiful, uninhabited planet, which at first seems like paradise.

There is no one to answer to ... but no one to ask for help. And with each new day comes the realisation of how vulnerable they truly are.

This planet has secrets - lots of them. Uncovering them could be the key to survival, but at what cost?


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