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By: Kate O'Hearn
Location: FIC OHE
Genre: Mythological Fantasy 

Norse legends are hot potatoes right now- here is another one!

 Freya is dreading the start of her fourteenth year. This marks the official end of her childhood and when she takes up the full duties of a Valkyrie - an angel of death and collector of souls from humanity's battlefields. But Freya is unlike any other Valkyrie. She doesn't want to follow in the footsteps of the legends before her. As she observes humanity from her norse home on Asgard, she tries to understand what it is to be human: to share in the simple pleasures of friendship with girls her own age and laugh with boys, without the fear of causing their death with one touch. Little does she know that her dreams will soon be realized: on her first battlefield mission, Freya reaps the soul of a soldier with unfinished business that will send her to the human world on a deadly quest. And there she must battle both ordinary and extraordinary enemies to create a new VALKYRIE legend.

It became one of my favorite books ever! There are such important messages behind the plot. It's funny, full of adventures, heartwarming friendships. I have no words to say how much I was fascinated by the world, the plot itself, every page was so fast-pacing that I could not put it down. By the end I was screaming and sobbing (Azrael was the reason).
I loved so much. And I need to read the sequel right away.-


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