How to Tame a Human Tornado

Image result for 9781408881811By: Paul Tobin
Location: FIC TOB
Genre: Adventure, SciFi
Series: The Genius Factor

The adventures continue for sixth-grade genius inventor Nate Bannister and his best friend Delphine in the third book of The Genius Factor series.

It's Friday the 13th again, and Nate hasn't just done one really outrageous thing. He hasn't even done THREE crazy things like normal. No, this time he's gone and hidden his science vials full of his inventions throughout the town of Polt. He's trying to avoid the Red Death Tea Society as always, who continue to hunt him down. They know where Nate lives now, so his only choice is to conceal his experiments in places they wouldn't think to look. But things are about to go very, very wrong, including: an overwhelming amount of toads in Polt, zebras running wild, and lightning storms that won't quit.

Nate and Delphine have been in lots of trouble before, but this is their most disastrous Friday the 13th yet . . . and we can't promise a happy ending quite yet.

"This is one of my favourite series of kids books ever. So sharp, so smart and non-stop hilarious. I think I basically have Paul Tobin’s sense of humour. I have infinite love for Bosper - my spirit animal, Melville and Nate and Delphine who are brilliant as friends. Haven’t read anything for this age group, or older really, that makes me chuckle out loud as much as this. I literally recommend these forcibly to everyone" Katrina


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