By: Ben Moon
Location: NF 920 MOO
Genre: Non Fiction, Memoir

The story of a dog, his human, and the friendship that saved both of their lives.

When Ben Moon moved from the Midwest to Oregon, he hadn't planned on getting a dog. But when he first met the soulful gaze of a rescue pup in a shelter, Ben instantly felt a connection, and his friendship with Denali was born. The two of them set out on the road together, on an adventure that would take them across the American west and through some of the best years of their lives. But when Ben was diagnosed with colorectal cancer at age 29, he faced a difficult battle with the disease, and Denali never once left his side until they were back out surfing and climbing crags. It was only a short time later that Denali was struck by the same disease, and Ben had the chance to return the favor. Denali is the story of this powerful friendship that shaped Ben and Denali's lives, showing the strength and love that we give and receive when we have our friends by our side:

"Beware !!! Reading this did bring me to tears!

This is a moving true story of a man and his husky-pit bull cross friend, Denali. Ben Moon is an adventurer and lives a very active life, surfing, rock climbing and adventure photography. He and Denali lived a ‘dirtbag’ lifestyle, camping near Ben’s climbing sites and enjoying the freedom of nature.

In the midst of this story Ben is diagnosed with colorectal cancer at the young age of 29! His story is inspiring and documents his struggle and survival to beat this insidious disease and still continue to enjoy his sports with a colostomy bag. It's also an adventure story, especially about Ben’s love of climbing.

Denali helps Ben through his darkest times and the favour is returned. This book will touch your heart deeply, it is extraordinary, very detailed, extremely raw and written by Ben Moon himself. A recommended read."- Gloria


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