The Rage of Dragons

By: Evan Winter
Location: FIC WIN
Genre: Fantasy, Dragons

It may be cliche to say a book was impossible to put down, but well, dang it, this book was impossible to put down! RICK RIORDAN

GAME OF THRONES MEETS GLADIATOR... The Omehi are surrounded by enemies that want them dead. They will not be easy prey.

#1 BEST SELLER in its category 
TOP 50 in Dark Fantasy 
TOP 100 in Epic Fantasy 
TOP 100 in Swords and Sorcery 

One in twenty-five hundred Omehi women are Gifted, wielding fragments of their Goddess’ power and capable of controlling the world’s most destructive weapon - Dragons. One in a hundred of their men has blood strong enough for the Gifted to infuse with magic, turning these warriors into near unstoppable colossi.

The rest are bred to fight, ferocious soldiers fated to die in the endless war. Tau Tafari, an Omehi commoner, wants more than this, but his life is destroyed when he’s betrayed by those he was born to serve.

Now, with too few Gifted left and the Omehi facing genocide, Tau cares only for revenge. Following an unthinkable path, he will become the greatest swordsman to ever live, dying a hundred thousand times for the chance to kill three of his own people.

"I think it's great, but then I wrote it, and my mother always said I should be proud of myself and the things I accomplish. I'm very proud of this. Maybe too proud. You be the judge. Though, you're most likely to have a good time if you enjoy Robert Jordan's expansive worlds, Brandon Sanderson's detailed magic systems, Joe Abercrombie's gritty combat, and Pierce Brown's page-burning pace of action.

My goal was to write something that I would, as a reader, love. The joke is that, since I'm the one who wrote the book, I've lost the distance needed to know if I'd actually like it. But, I am proud of it. I think it's good."-Evan Winter- the writer:)


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