How to Grow A Family Tree

By: Eliza Henry Jones
Location: FIC HEN
Genre: Family

"This book was absolutely brilliant. It is possibly one of my favourite YA novels ever!! I absolutely adored the characters, and I LOVED the story. The book has so many beautiful messages, and everyone would benefit from reading this book. The book shows that sometimes things that are covered in gold, are crumbling on the inside, and that sometimes you can find beautiful things in the darkest places."  Tirrna

From the author of P is for Pearl comes a heart-warming book about family, friendship and what home can mean.

Stella may only be seventeen, but having read every self-help book she can find means she knows a thing or two about helping people. She sure wasn't expecting to be the one in need of help, though.

Thanks to her father's gambling addiction, Stella and her family now find themselves living at Fairyland Caravan Park. And hiding this truth from her friends is hard enough without dealing with another secret. Stella's birth mother has sent her a letter.

As Stella deals with the chaos of her family, she must also confront the secrets and past of her 'other' family. But Stella is stronger than she realises.

From the author of P is for Pearl comes a heart-warming book about family, friendship and what home can mean.

"Eliza Henry Jones is an author who knows how to delve deep into the human condition and explore those confronting, emotional issues that shadow every family in a different way. In her new YA novel How to Grow A Family Tree (Angus and Robertson 2020), she once again gives us a heart-wrenching and poignant story about love, loss, friendship, betrayal, loyalty and the YA tradition of examining self-identity (Who am I? How did I get here? Why am I the way I am? Do I deserve this life? What if things were different? How am I supposed to be in the world?), whilst also traversing wider themes such as poverty, socio-economic class privilege, adoption and addiction." Cass


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