I Hunt Killers

By: Barry Lyga
Location: FIC LYG
Genre: A dark psychological thriller

"I Hunt Killers is an out-of-control hearse with one busted headlight, blood on the grille, a madman at the wheel and laughter pouring out of the open windows. Climb in, buckle up and go for a ride."
Joe Hill

My father is America's most notoriuos serial killer. My biggest fear is that they think Im like him.
My second biggest fear is that I am...

I wont be reading this book- it is too gory, and scary, but some of you might want too!! I like me sleep to much, and it seems a bit real...

This book is based around the eternal arguement of nature vs nurture. Can you be different to how you are raised, or are the role models that shape you in your early years so infusive that you become what they create you to be.
This is Jazz's question, and this book makes him discover the answer!
Notorious serial killer Billy Dent,is  responsible for over 100 brutal murders, he knows his life will never be normal. Dear Old Dad educated his son in the ways of killers, and even though Billy is in prison now, he’s still always there in Jazz’s head, whispering. That’s why when new bodies begin turning up in his home town that are eerily similar to Billy’s kills, Jazz has to clear his name early – and what better way than to catch the copycat killer himself? With his friends’ help, and with the reluctant cooperation of the selfsame detective that caught his father, Jazz investigates the murders in order to prove his innocence. If only he felt as innocent as he appears . . . "Crowinator"


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