The Hobbit

Ohhh can't wait!!!
I know the book is the always the winner , and I was not allowed to marry until I had read The Hobbit. I know my imagination of what Smaug is like is my own wee minds version, and I know that I have painted Bilbo in the canvas of my mind and so why let a movie minimise the power of the word?
Because it is going to be sooo good and if anyone can translate this classic to the big screen, then Peter Jackson can. The only problem I have being a New Zealander is reminding myself that the scenery is not where I went on holiday in 1995- but then again maybe it was...
Bring this movie on- shatter my preconcieved ideas and let me fly with new ones!
If you arent convinced check out this lattest trailer- and oh- read the book first!!!


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