Rules of summer

By: Shaun Tan
Location: Picture Book
Genre: Use your imagination and think!

What are the rules of summer?
  • No blokes are allowed to wear speedo's
  • Icecreams need to be double scooped
  • Books are to be read and stolen by no-one else
  • The beach is for swimming in and  not just sitting on
  • All food is prepared by all people all day, I am reading or swimming!
  • Steak and fish should be eaten, with nice salads. The steak should be medium rear, burning the steak breaks the rules. Strawberries need icing sugar.
  • Music should be loud and happy
  • A new adventure of unknown outcomes should be embarked apon
  • Work shall not enter your mind, other things matter more
  • Lastly- sun loving is acceptable, those who have a morbid fear of the sun should immigrate to Iceland or Scotland or the Yukon!
Shaun Tan has his "Rules of Summer"- different to mine and very 'Tan"- did you like that!!!
But one thing they have in common with mine- sharing summer with a good mate is what matters most!


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