Cinnamon Girl

32162296By: Melissa Keil
Location: FIC KEI
Genre: Romance- contemporary- quirky

So what should I do with my life?

Seventeen-year-old Alba is an aspiring comic-book artist, pastry enthusiast and eternal optimist. She thinks life in her tiny town is awesome (if predictable) and she never wants it to change. Unfortunately Alba’s just finished year 12 so the only thing she can predict is that everything’s going to change. Even so, Alba didn’t see the end of the world coming. Apart from a questionable television psychic, no-one did. And for some reason, the world seems to be taking this guy seriously. As the tiny town is besieged by doomsday enthusiasts, Alba’s life is thrown into chaos. The childhood friend she thought was gone forever unexpectedly reappears; the boy who has been her best friend forever is determined to leave; and even her latest comic book creation, Cinnamon Girl, is out of control. It could be the very last summer of Alba’s life, but impending Armageddon might turn out to be the least of her problems.* Alba is about to discover that when it comes to her heart, there may not be infinite time to get things right…

Wow. WOW. This is a fantastic book set against the backdrop of the potential end of the world. Nuanced characters and relationships. A heroine who is an artist, not a waif, and funny. Oh, she's funny. I read this in one sitting on the way back from Australia and all I have to say is that the moment you can get your hands on this, grab it.- Mary


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