The Cruelty

The CrueltyBy: Scott Bergstrom
Location: FIC BERG
Genre: Thriller/ Mystery 

“YA Girl with the Dragon Tattoo meets The Bourne Identity, with a dash of Homeland.”

When Gwendolyn Bloom realizes that her father has been kidnapped, she has to take matters into her own hands. She traces him from New York City across the dark underbelly of Europe, taking on a new identity to survive in a world of brutal criminal masterminds. As she slowly leaves behind her schoolgirl self, she realizes that she must learn the terrifying truth about herself. To overcome the cruelty she encounters, she must also embrace it.

“There is a body count, but I was more interested in the aspect of a girl figuring out her identity,” Feiwel said. “Other publishers wanted to tone down the violence, but this is a superhero story. That’s why the movies bought it. And I wanted her to get the bad guys. In terms of empowerment, it’s very satisfying.”
Adams said she, too, thought that Gwen would get a lot of leeway from readers because of her mission’s goal. “She’s going to do whatever it takes to save her dad and that was good enough for me,” Adams said. “Kicking butt to save your dad is actually a lot easier for me to swallow than kids killing kids in The Hunger Games.”

"I read for a living, and I was hooked from the first paragraph. This is a remarkably well written book with a strong, unique, kickass heroine. Thrillers that successfully incorporate artful word choice and keen human observation are few and far between; this one masterfully incorporates both into a well-paced, compelling plot. You're never quite sure where Gwendolyn will go next, but you know you want to be there."- Maya-


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