Ninth City Burning

30763911By: J.Patrick Black
Location: FIC BLA
Genre: Aliens/SciFi/Dystopic

For fans of Ender s Game, Red Rising, and The Hunger Games comes an explosive, epic science fiction debut...

“I shouldn't be surprised―filtering the facts to present the rosiest possible picture is part of human nature―but I am.”

Cities vanished, gone in flashes of world-shattering destruction. An alien race had come to make Earth theirs, bringing a power so far beyond human technology it seemed like magic. It was nearly the end of the world until we learned to seize the power, and use it to fight back.
The war has raged for five centuries. For a cadet like Jax, one of the few who can harness the enemy s universe-altering force, that means growing up in an elite military academy, training for battle at the front and hoping he is ready. For Naomi, young nomad roaming the wilds of a ruined Earth, it means a daily fight for survival against the savage raiders who threaten her caravan.
When a new attack looms, these two young warriors find their paths suddenly intertwined. Together with a gifted but reckless military commander, a factory worker drafted as cannon fodder, a wild and beautiful gunfighter, and a brilliant scientist with nothing to lose they must find a way to turn back the coming invasion, or see their home finally and completely destroyed."

"My favorite thing about Ninth City Burning is the slow start and the constant build up to what is the truth and what is a myth. Black leaves a lot for readers to discover with the help of seven important characters along the way. You will go into the novel not knowing a lot, and will be partially confused at times. Trust me, it is completely worth it, and the pay off in the end is enormous. This has turned into my unquestionable favorite read of 2016, so far! I have high expectations for the rest of the series, which is supposed to contain at least two more books. Warning… the math, science, and technology in this book will blow your mind. Black explains everything so well that you will begin to believe that thelemity is real" Austin


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