Dealing with Depression

Image result for 9781925335934By: Jan Marsh 
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It is good to highlight these books that we get into our library, depression is real and for many of you it impacts your life, it could be a family member, a friend or even yourself. This book gives great tips on how to get your life back and how to help and support others too as well.

Dealing with Depression offers a simple, easy to follow, non-judgmental and, above all, effective exploration of depression and how to manage it. A range of strategies is outlined, including the physiological fundamentals of sleep, healthy diet and exercise as well as ideas from positive psychology that help us to take care of ourselves. Learning to regulate emotions and show compassion to ourselves and others not only reduces the impact of depression but also improves life and relationships, building resilience and decreasing the likelihood of recurring depressive episodes.

Part One provides the essential background information for understanding depression. It demystifies depression and aims to remove any sense of shame about it. Instead it explains depression as a process that follows the laws of nature and is no more shameful than catching the flu.

Part Two gives specific tips to improve well-being in body, mind and spirit. This prescription for physical, mental and spiritual fitness can go a long way towards both curing and preventing depression. Good self-care can improve connections to the world and to other people, creating resilience for facing the ups and downs of life. Case studies follow six people who suffered from depression for a variety of reasons and who have used the strategies outlined here to successfully deal with their depression and get their lives back.


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