Miracle at St Andrews

Image result for 9781780899954By: James Patterson and Peter De Jong
Location: FIC PAT
Genre: Golf Fiction

Seasoned pro golfer Travis McKinley is cruising toward a new season when he misses a putt on the 18th green. Just like that, he's down and out and off the Senior Tour, his career all but dead. 

Then Travis is visited by a mysterious stranger whose vision is clear. Go back to the beginning. The very beginning. 

Taking his advice both literally and to heart, Travis and his family travel to their ancestral home – Scotland. In the place where golf was born, he's able to look beyond getting the round ball in the round hole. And when Travis steps onto the Old Course at St. Andrews, the magic of the game takes over . . .

"This is a heartwarming story about a golfer who hits a real slump and is out of the professional golf circuit, just...like...that. In his travels, he meets an awkward high school student who repels him, but he beats back his negative feelings, creating a tentative friendship. This friendship involves teaching the game of golf to this gangly, un-self confident young man. What happens in this story will make you blubber." Goodreads review


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