The Maddie Diaries

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By: Maddie Ziegler
Location: FIC 
Genre: Memoir

How can you write a life memoir when you are only 16- well Maddie has and she has packed a fiat bit into those 16 years!

 "Why not? Why not do something that you've never done before? Why not dream big? Why not stand up for things you believe in? Sometimes you have to take a big, scary leap, and that's okay. Even if you fall on your butt, you've still soared."

THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING MEMOIR OF DANCE SUPERSTAR MADDIE ZIEGLER! Maddie Ziegler had hoped to become a star - she just didn't know how soon that day would come. At just eight years old, she was cast on hit reality show Dance Moms and quickly won the hearts of fans everywhere with her natural talent and determination. Soon, she was catching eyes all over - including those of pop superstar Sia, who handpicked her to star in the incredibly popular music video 'Chandelier'. The rest, as they say, was history.

In this inspirational memoir, Maddie explains the hard work she put into her rise to stardom and how she keeps her balance along the way. She also answers her fans' burning questions with wise advice she's learned on her journey.

With honesty, charm, and humour, Maddie offers her unique perspective on making her way in the world as a young teenager, reflecting on the lessons she's learned - and preparing for the exciting road ahead.


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