Image result for 9780008297398By: Nicola Skinner
Location FIC SKI
Genre: Environmental- Roald Dahl Styles

A beautifully written, incredibly original and wickedly funny novel for readers of 10 and older – BLOOM is for everyone who has ever felt like they didn’t fit in, and for anyone who has ever wanted a little more colour and wildness in their lives…

Sorrel Fallowfield is growing up – in a REALLY surprising way . . .

Sorrel Fallowfield is so good at being good that teachers come to her when they need help remembering the school rules – and there are LOTS.

Luckily, Sorrel doesn’t have any trouble following them, until the day she discovers a faded packet of Surprising Seeds buried under a tree in her backyard.

Now she’s hearing voices, seeing things, experiencing an almost unstoppable urge to plant the Seeds in some very unusual places… and completely failing to win her school’s competition to find The Most Obedient Child of the School.

And all that’s before flowers start growing out of her head…

Fantastic and unexpected twists and turns. The first half was very much like my favourite Roald Dahl, and the second half...well, I got lost in the story and couldn't put it down , or sleep, until I had read the lot. Also, very humorous. A triumphant ending too.

Such a pleasant read that literally had me laughing out loud in public in places. I couldn't wait to steal another 5 minutes reading this. This is the type of book I would have cherished as a child. Magical and fun.

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