Love, Lie and Repeat

By: Catherine Greer
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Genre: Contemporary Thriller

"I love books like this that seduce you into another world-- a world of raw beauty and whispered secrets, new loves and hidden fears" Tara

Three girls, loyal to each other - that never happens. All the groups of three implode eventually. Two in, one out. Change. Betrayal. Again. And again.

But not us. I make sure of it. I make Ash and Ruby see that our power is in our three-ness. We can do what no other trio can.

Together, we’re strong.

Thick, thin, boys, mothers, divorce, other girls, secrets, lies, all of it.

I'll keep us together.

Watch me.

Intoxicating and intense, lush and chilling, LOVE LIE REPEAT is the unmissable debut novel from Catherine Greer.


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