By: Chrissie Perry
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Genre: Romance , Disability 

“It doesn't matter if she's deaf," he says, My aunty Demi can listen with her eyes, and whisper with her hands.”

When I go swimming, I am no different from anyone else. Everyone is deaf underwater. 

Demi swims to forget her problems. The mess she's made with Jules, the only guy who seems to understand her. Being ignored by her old friends while she tries to fit in at a new school. And how hard it is to adjust to being deaf – especially when her family keep acting like she isn't. 

Then Demi meets Ethan, who doesn’t seem to care that she’s different. But she can’t hear what his friends are whispering about her. Can Demi trust him - or is she out of her depth?

"There's a lot we could all learn from Demi; acceptance of our frailties, courage to face the world with the abilities we're given and to constantly fight for what's right and what we believe in. This book was poignant, funny and real with strong characters who'd burry a hole in your heart. This is such a lovely book with some pretty valuable lessons we - deaf and hears, alike - could use. " Joy


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