Image result for 9780765336668By: Kristen Simmons
Location: FIC SIM
Genre: Fantasy, Dystopia, SciFi 

This cover needs to be seen big!

We talk about global warming and climate change, we talk about how this will impact our lives and their styles. Maybe this book spells out the reality, especially if we do nothing now....

Kristen Simmons, critically acclaimed author of Article 5 and Metaltown, brings her trademark action, romance, and frightening prescience to Pacifica, a science fiction tale of high seas adventure.

Blue skies. Green grass. Clear ocean water. An island paradise like the ones that existed before the Melt.

A lucky five hundred lottery winners will be the first to go, the first to leave their polluted, dilapidated homes behind and start a new life. It sounds perfect. Like a dream.

The only problem? Marin Carey spent her childhood on those seas and knows there's no island paradise out there. She's corsario royalty, a pirate like her father and his father before him, and she knows a con when she sees one. So where are the First Five Hundred really going?

"A harrowing world. Pacifica will have you breathlessly fearing our own future."--New York Times bestselling author Sara Raasch

"A bleak, futuristic world that's utterly believable and terrifying, and yet from out of it springs the greatest of hope, carried on the back of its fierce main characters. I was swept away."--Mindee Arnett, author of Avalon


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