How to Make Friends With The Dark

Image result for 9781460751060by: Kathleen Glasgow
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Genre:Young Adult- Real Stuff   

this book 
is for the grievers 
this book 
is for the left behind
this book 
is for every broken heart
searching for a home

Kathleen Glasgow

'A haunting, beautiful, and necessary book that will stay with you long after you've read the last page.' - Nicola Yoon

'A book as fierce, tender, and rare as its aptly named heroine, Tiger. How to Make Friends with the Dark is a gorgeously nuanced meditation on grief and family, and the incredible love that can pull you through the darkest of times.' - Meg Leder, author of Letting Go of Gravity

'In this raw, powerful, and heartbreaking meditation on loss and grief, Glasgow writes with unflinching beauty. We meet Tiger Tolliver at her most broken - at her darkest moment - and yet, somehow, How to Make Friends With the Dark teaches us how to let the light in.' - Julie Buxbaum, NYT bestselling author of Tell Me Three Things

It's the brightest day of summer and it's dark outside. It's dark in your house, dark in your room, and dark in your heart. You feel like the darkness is going to split you apart.

Here is what happens when your mother dies.

That's how it feels for Tiger. It's always been Tiger and her mother against the world. Then, on a day like any other, Tiger's mother dies. And now it's Tiger, alone.

Here is how you learn to make friends with the dark.

"Grief is extremely personal. No two people experience and process their grief in the same way. Kathleen Glasgow's novel How to Make Friends with the Dark beautifully explores the complexity, the isolation, the raw pain you feel when someone you love dies." Amy


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