Stephen King- we needed more

Three titles:
Bazaar of Bad Dreams
Finders Keepers
Mr Mercedes
Location: FIC KIN
Genre: Scary horror whodunnits

I never will read these, I like to sleep and I like my "fitbit" heart rate to stay normal, but because I am the provider of your requests I have bought three new titles for your scaryment! Don't blame me if you cant sleep and are totally unable to concentrate the next day- it is not my fault, you issued these and you read them!!!!

So why does Mr King write what he does, he explains

I saw lots of horror films when I was a kid (you probably guessed that).

I was an easy target, and most of them scared me to death. It was dark, the images were so much bigger than you were, and the sound was so loud that the scares continued even when you shut your eyes. On TV, the scare quotient tended to be lower. There were commercials to break the rhythm of the thing, and the worst parts were sometimes snipped out to avoid giving complexes to any little shavers who might be watching (alas, already too late for me; I’d seen the dead woman rising out of the tub in Diabolique). As a last resort, you could always go into the kitchen and grab a Hires out of the fridge, lingering until the scary music was replaced by some local huckster screaming, “Cars, cars, cars! No credit check! We’ll sell to ANYONE!”

One film I saw on TV did the job, however. At least the first hour or so of its seventy-seven-minute run did; the denouement wrecked the whole thing, and to this day I wish somebody would remake it and carry its hair-raising premise right through to the end. That film has perhaps the best horror-movie title of all time: I Bury the Living.

I was thinking of that movie when I wrote this story.
So that is how he writes. Why cant he write about nice fluffy kittens or romantic sunsets on a seaside boulevard, or true love....... 


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