The Singing Bones

By: Shaun Tan
Location: NF 730 TAN
Genre: Its weird, clay models of fairy tales. Grimm x Tan!

After looking through this stunning book of Shaun Tan sculptures,I can see why the fairy tales he so stunningly captures in these sculptures are by the GRIMM brothers.
They are grim, this book is one to look at, really look at.

Exquisitely strange little sculptures - absolutely stunning publication.

A unique and alluring art book showcasing Shaun Tan's extraordinary sculptures based on the timeless and compelling fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.

In this beautifully presented volume, the essence of seventy-five fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm is wonderfully evoked by Shaun Tan's extraordinary sculptures.

Nameless princes, wicked stepsisters, greedy kings, honourable peasants and ruthless witches, tales of love, betrayal, adventure and magical transformation: all inspiration for this stunning gallery of sculptural works. Introduced by Grimm Tales author Philip Pullman and leading fairy tale scholar Jack Zipes, The Singing Bones breathes new life into some of the world's most beloved fairy tales.

'These little figures of clay, with their simplified features, their single attributes, are perfect realisations of the strangeness of the characters they represent.'
Amazing! Absolutely inspired interpretations of fairy tales in sculpture form. 


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