The Marvels

By: Brian Selznick
Location: Fic Sel
Genre: Historical fiction- graphic novel, art!

The writer of The Invention of Hugo Cabret  has done it again. This book is stunning, the art amazing and the story  full and touching. It is totally a book that hooks you to your seat!

In The Marvels, Selznick tells two separate stories that take place multiple centuries apart. He begins with nearly four hundred pages of drawings telling one story, followed by two hundred pages of text telling the other. Though this strayed from his usual layout, it served to make the novel even more powerful as a whole.

Beautiful book about a family of actors and their theatre in London. The illustrated half of the story about the Marvel family is excellent - the whole history of 200 years of a family conveyed in drawings. The second text half focuses on Joseph and his uncle Albert who lives in a time capsule historical house. Joseph's curiosity is overwhelming for Albert who has to decide whether to tell Joseph the truth.
There's a lot in this book - stereotypes from literature, historical details, snippets of other books, and some real life issues that sneak in. Beautifully crafted
  says Helen


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