Assassin's Creed- Trial by Fire

By: Anthony Del ColConor McCreeryNeil Edwards (Illustrations)
Location: GRA DEL
Genre: Assassins Creed- Graphic novel styles
Series: Assassin's Creed: Assassins Vol.1: Trial by Fire
 (Assassin's Creed: Assassins #1-5)

I love Assassins Creed. I love how it has hooked a stack of lads into real history. I love how the novels fly out the door carried by gamers, and these books are consumed. These readers - mostly boys- are sucking back history,and they are learning about what makes us - us. It is covert and I love it.
This comic series of 5 all nicely packaged in one issue in graphic novel form is based on the Salem Witch Trails in 1692 and tucked in the back is a full description of the true historical events of the day. Excellent stuff!

Welcome to the Brotherhood, Charlotte De La Cruz...
Discovered due to her excellent gaming abilities in the Helix, the Assassins come to her to help them explore the memories of her ancestor, Tom Stoddard, an Assassin active in Salem, Massachusetts during the Witch Trials. She (much like Desmond and others before her) begins to experience "the Bleeding Effect" and her real world skills are gained quickly.
In the real world, they are trying to save one of their own from the Templars, who may or may not be a spy, sharing secrets about the location of a "Piece of Eden". Ultimately, what you think would happen, the former Assassin joining the Templars for revenge reasons... Charlotte makes her first kill... and the bad guys get away- Adam


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