Replica by Lauren Oliver

By: Lauren Oliver 

Location:FIC OLI 

Genre: Young adult, Dystopia, Clone wars (not that clone wars)

1. Lauren Oliver is FAB-U-LOUS. If you haven't read 'Vanishing Girls', 'Panic' or the 'Delerium' series then hop to it for the summer reading programme (ask Mrs Bichan what that's about).

2. I love the concept of this novel- you flip the covers over and there is another story for you to read- genius! The two covers are beautiful and bright.

3. The story was great- a nice young adult piece of writing which explored themes that are important to everyone: individuality, identity, and what it means to be human. We get one half of the story from Lyra's perspective, and the second half from Gemma's point of view. Both parts of the story are needed to understand the whole novel. And it really does raise questions about perspective and how we view others.

4. Any novel about clones and the crazy foreboding dystopian world is interesting, and I loved Lauren Oliver's take on it.

Overall thoughts- I loved the novelty of the cover/physical book and how it was different to other books on the shelf. The story was good and engaging- give this novel a whirl!


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