Holding up the Universe

By: Jennifer NivenLocation: FIC NIVGenre: YA, Romeo and Juliet for the 21st Century...

This is the latest book from the author of 'All the Bright Places' which was eye-opening enough for me. This novel is equally as amazing and really makes you think about humanity and relationships.

Libby is America's 'Most Overweight Teen' and Jack is a typical high school jock- the sporty, popular, good-looking guy.

Niven loves the Romeo and Juliet concept (I mean, I haven't actually asked her... but this is my interpretation) and she enjoys writing about two 'star-crossed lovers' who shouldn't be together... but are. 

I don't want to give too much away, but I think it's fair to say that everyone can figure out the book is going to be about Libby + Jack. Along the way there are cringe-worthy moments, moments of disgust, and moments that made me hope that teenagers really aren't that mean to each other (if they are- tell someone!)

I enjoyed this book and give it 5/5- and Mrs Bichan knows that a 5/5 from Mrs Featonby doesn't come easily!


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