By: Jack Grimwood
Location: FIC GRI
Genre: Thriller/Mystery/Crime

'Even better than Child 44' Daily Telegraph

'A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma . . .'

This Cold War novel begins in 1985, with the discovery of the body of a frozen boy, found in Red Square clutching a wax angel, and goes back to Berlin in 1945. The shadow of WWII looms over this novel and over Russia itself, as our hero finds himself involved in the search for the missing step daughter of the British ambassador, Sir Edward Masterton.

January, 1986. A week after disgraced Intelligence Officer Tom Fox is stationed to Moscow the British Ambassador's fifteen-year-old daughter goes missing. Fox is ordered to find her, and fast. But the last thing the Soviets want is a foreign agent snooping about on their turf. Not when a killer they can't even acknowledge let alone catch is preparing to kill again . . .

A Cold War thriller haunted by an evil legacy from the Second World War, Moskva is a journey into the dark heart of another time and place.

Mesmerising, surefooted, vividly realised . . . something special in the arena of international thrillers' Financial Times
'A compulsive and supremely intelligent thriller from a master stylist' Michael Marshall, author of The Straw Men

'A blizzard of exciting set pieces, superbly realized' Daily Telegraph



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