A Treason of Thorns

 By: Laura Weymouth

Location: FIC WEY

Genre: Fantasy, Magic, History

An easily-read YA fantasy standalone about magical Great Houses set in an alternate England, this one is sure to appeal to fans of quintessentially British-esque fairytale fantasy.

When her father is convicted of high treason, Violet Sterling is exiled. Seven years later she has a chance to return to her beloved Burleigh House and to Wyn, the boy she left behind. But Burleigh - one of the six great magical houses of England - has gone wild with grief after the death of Violet's father and now the capricious King of England has threatened to raze it to the ground. Vi must decide whether her destiny is set in stone, before Burleigh destroys everything she loves.

"Magical, mystical, enchanting, and with a setting that will sweep you back to old England, A Treason of Thorns will keep you engaged from the beginning clear to the action packed ending.

Legends and lore, magical bindings, endearing stories of home, both those we are born to and those we create, and becoming who we want to be rather than what is expected of us, A Treason of Thorns was beautifully done with effortless writing that was every bit as wonderful and emotional and it is magical." Mlpmom


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