I Know You Remember

 By: Jennifer Donaldson

Location: FIC DON

Genre: Young Adult, mystery, Thriller

“Darkness is like that. It can make you tired and sad, or it can make the bright spots stick out even more.” 

Jennifer Donaldson is back with another twisted thriller perfect for fans of One of Us Is Lying and Gone Girl.

Zahra Gaines is missing.

After three long years away, Ruthie Hayden arrives in her hometown of Anchorage, Alaska to this devastating news. Zahra was Ruthie's best friend--the only person who ever really understood her--and she vows to do whatever it takes to find her.

Zahra vanished from a party just days before Ruthie's return, but the more people she talks to, the more she realizes that the Zahra she knew disappeared long before that fateful night. Gone is the whimsical, artistic girl who loved books and knew Ruthie's every secret. In her place is an athlete, a partier, a girl with secrets of her own. Darker still are the rumors that something happened to Zahra while Ruthie was gone, something that changed her forever...

As Ruthie desperately tries to piece together the truth, she falls deeper and deeper into her friend's new world, circling closer to a dangerous revelation about what Zahra experienced in the days before her disappearance--one that might be better off buried.

In her stunning follow-up to Lies You Never Told Me, Jennifer Donaldson once again delivers a propulsive thriller with a masterful twist, skillfully creating a world where nothing is quite as it seems.

"Whelp. Jennifer Donaldson knows how to craft a twisty, utterly delightful YA thriller/mystery. I’m going to keep this review short and sweet, because I don’t want to give away anything, but suffice it to say, this book kept me guessing, and kept the twists coming all the way to the end. Ruth left Anchorage years ago when her parents split up. But after her mother’s death, she’s forced to return to move back in with her father and stepmother. She’s looking forward to reuniting with her former best friend, Zara, but the weekend she’s arriving home, Zara goes missing. Really. Awesome. Mystery. Nuff said!"  KAT


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