Thursday, June 3, 2010

MANDELA'S WAY- Lessons on Life

By Richard Stengel

Genre: Autobiography- Life Values

Mandela is one of my hero's, having been to South Africa several times and seen the impact this man has had on the nation, you can only stand in awe of what he has accomplished.

His 26 years in Robbin Island shaped the destiny of not only the man himself , but of the nation he was going to lead out of apartheid.

This book written by a man who has shadowed Mandela for many years, is not about the story of Mandela, its about what makes Mandela tick, his values, his determinations, his wisdom. It talks about Mandela, the warrior, the martyr, the stateman, the family man and the moral leader.

As Stengel says " We long for heroes but have too few. Nelson Mandela is perhaps the last pure hero on the planet"
He is one of mine.. if you want to get a bit of wisdom, then read this book.

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