Friday, September 30, 2011

Off to Africa

Well it is holiday time and for me I am heading to Africa. I will not be chasing wild lions or sneaking up on elephants, but rather doing all we can to aid and assist untrained teachers in the schools for the poor, run by the poor. These schools are all over Africa, but we will go to Tanzania, Ghana and CapeTown.It is with an organisation called RATA and you can check it out on One of my jobs will be to help set up three libraries in Ashiamen, a slum area near Tema in Ghana. These schools will boast the best libraries in almost any school in the capital city when we have finished- kids will have access to books, and that access will enable them to discover their worlds. They have no computers- so books are it!
So have a great holidays and value the freedom you all have to chose whatever book you wish to read, and the power you have to enlarge your world view and understanding by having access to books- because many many kids can't.
See you all when I get back- and drop into the office if you want to hear more!!

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