Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Everness Series- Planerunner, Be my Enemy and Empress of the Sun

 By: Ian McDoanld
Location: FIC MCD
Genre|: Sci Fi, Alternate Worlds with some Steam Punk.
Series: Everness Series- three books!

Some lines grab you...

"He’s got wits, intelligence, and a knack for Indian cooking ".

A dude in a alternative world who can cook a curry- this has to be good. Then there is the " Infundibulum" - what a cool word! It has quantum physics, mulitple universes , its multicultural, multi-dimensional and multi-planetary.

There is not one you. There are many yous. There is not one world. There are many worlds. Ours is one among billions of parallel earths.

When Everett Singh’s scientist father is kidnapped from the streets of London, he leaves young Everett a mysterious app on his computer. Suddenly, this teenager has become the owner of the most valuable object in the multiverse—the Infundibulum—the map of all the parallel earths, and there are dark forces in the Ten Known Worlds who will stop at nothing to get it. They’ve got power, authority, the might of ten planets—some of them more technologically advanced than our Earth—at their fingertips. He’s got wits, intelligence, and a knack for Indian cooking.

To keep the Infundibulum safe, Everett must trick his way through the Heisenberg Gate that his dad helped build and go on the run in a parallel Earth. But to rescue his dad from Charlotte Villiers and the sinister Order, this Planesrunner’s going to need friends. Friends like Captain Anastasia S
ixsmyth, her adopted daughter, Sen, and the crew of the airship Everness. 

“It's the superhero problem . . . .Superpowers make everything personal. Batman versus Joker. Fantastic Four versus Galactus. The Big G might be the Devourer of Worlds, but in the end he's just a dude. Beat him and the problem goes away. But the real problems aren't like that. You can't solve them by hitting them. The real supervillains. . . . were people in suits who met in rooms and decided things. Destroy one and another would take her place” 

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