Friday, April 24, 2015

Long Shots: the greatest underdog stories in New Zealand Sport

By: Bronwyn Sell and Christine Sheehy
Location: NF 920 SEL
Genre: Kiwi Sport

I played hockey last weekend and we were the 'underdogs" the expected loser. We drew two all- so there- never give up and always back yourself! Loved watching the opposition slink back into their dugout sombre! Hinuera don't be so smug again and TA Green- well done you beauties!!!

New Zealand has it fair share of underdogs in sport in the past.

 Burt Munro, Stephen "Beaver" Donald", Ewen Chatfield, Anne Audain, Peter Snell, Jaynie Parkhouse, Chris Lewis, Steve Gurney, Michael Campbell, the 2002 Tall Blacks, the 2010 All Whites...

The odds daunting, the critics scathing and the challenges formidable- but they never gave up!!!

These are their stories, they inspire, encourage and show you how stubborn, innovative and resilient our sports people are. It makes you proud to be a kiwi and they really tell the vibe of our nation as a people.

"Its more often than not that the unlikely happening in sport, the underdog getting up against all odds, will result in tears being shed" Ian Smith

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