Monday, February 27, 2012


By: Colin Mulhern
Genre: Teenage Boy Street Drama
Location: Fic MUL
ALEX: Underground cage fighter; school pyshco.
KYLE: Talented artist and classroom joker.
I had a skim though this book and found a scene in it that happened to my own brother- severe school bullying and a guy that steps in to rescue the poor guy getting dealt too. In my brothers case- the guy that rescues him was my other brother- he was bigger and tougher, in the rugby team, yet younger. My older brother ended up with a PhD in Micro Biology but will never forget the head in the toilet at aged 14. So this stuff still happens and this book is about that kind of stupid mindless abuse teenagers give out and those that have the guts to stop it.
Alex and Kyle in this book are the two that clash and this unleashes a catastrophic sequence of events...
"Clash is like a hard punch in the guts- in a good way" Anthony McGowan.

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