Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wolves, boys and other things that might KILL me.

By: Kristen Chandler
Genre: Drama
Location: FIC CHA

She may be IN over her HEAD, but she's FINALLY following her heart!

It's K.J.'s junior year in the small town of West End, Montana, and whether she likes it or not, things are different this year. Over the summer, she turned from the blah daughter of a hunting and fishing guide into a noticeably cuter version of the outdoor loner. Normally, K.J. wouldn't care less, but then she meets Virgil, whose mum is studying the controversial wolf packs in nearby Yellowstone Park. From the moment Virgil casts a glance at her from under his shaggy blond hair, K.J. is uncharacteristically smitten. Soon, both K.J. and Virgil are spending a lot of their time watching the wolves (and each other), and K.J. begins to see herself and her town in a whole new light.

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