Tuesday, August 5, 2014


By: Justine Larbalestier
Location: FIC LAR
Genre: Historical youth fiction with gangs and ghosts.

OK sometimes I get books in here I would never read, this is one of them. The historical setting of Sydney is great, 1932,  harbour bridge opening, Sydney bursting into a metropolis, gangs and the world fear of communism. The Great Depression had left 30% of the population without work and so a big underbelly of criminals were controlling the populace. Bring it on...
Then we get the backround story of all handguns being banned  due to the fear of the communism threats, and so gangs arm themselves instead with razors- hence the title.
Now comes the weird bit with ghosts, murder, blood and prostitution. 
It follows the POV's of two girls - Kelpie and Dymphna. Kelpie is a a dirty, malnourished girl who lives on the streets, and can see ghosts. Dymphna is a gorgeous girl who lives a lavish life, and who can also see ghosts. They come together by fate, over a dead body, each already knowing who the other is, and starting on a whirlwind journey over a twenty-four hour period.

Its not for me- but some of you will love this story...
"Vivid and bloody and bold and fast- I feel like Razorhurst is in my bones now " Elizabet Gilbert

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