Friday, August 22, 2014

The Skinmap

By: Stephen Lawhead
Location: FIC LAW
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Bright Empires #1

My son loves Stephen Lawhead, he has read many of his books and this is a new series that I know Cam would love.

 It is the ultimate quest for the ultimate treasure. Chasing a map tattooed on human skin across an omniverse of intersecting realities. To unravel the future of the future.
One explorer knew more than most. Braving every danger, he toured time and space on voyages of heroic discovery. Ever on his guard, and fearful of becoming lost in the cosmos, he developed an intricate code-a roadmap of symbols-that he tattooed onto his own body. This Skin Map has since been lost in time. Now the race is on to recover all the pieces and discover its secrets.
This book is a unique blend of epic treasure hunt, ancient history, alternate realities, cutting-edge physics, philosophy, and mystery.
"i certainly didn’t expect a tale about time travel and multiple universes… and i honestly didn’t expect to be completely absorbed by the rich storytelling… the book weaves a handful of individual storylines that ultimately stretch across all dimensions to overlap in a wonderfully unique way…"

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