Thursday, November 13, 2014

2015 -New Books on there way

Authors:- Over 50
Location: The Entire Library
Genre: Everything

Cambridge High School students you are so lucky- I have just ordered 50 of the top books that were published in 2014 and many of them are not yet available in New Zealand.  We will get them first!
We have prequels, sequels, graphic novels, cool picture books, fantasy, non fiction, love stories, scifi, short stories, great fiction to make you think and youth fiction to make you squirm. We have long long awaited books next in the series, we have books to make you laugh and ones to make you sob, we have scifi to take you to other worlds and stories from around the world so you embrace ours.
2015 is going to prove CHS has the best collection of Youth Fiction ever!


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