Monday, February 16, 2015

And.... we are back for 2015

Location: Library
Genre: You name it.
Author:- Heaps

Hi all- after a long summer break this blog is humming again for the New Zealand School year. I have had a chance to read much over summer, the covers below were my fav's.
2015 promises to be another awesome year, we have a new library system to play with and heaps of great new books already ordered for our indulgence. My first review tomorrow will be Gabi- Girl in Pieces!
So here is too 2015, a year where we read much- not to kill time or revert into self, but  we read to challenge our world view, we read to enable to feel with those that love, with those that hurt, with people who suffer injustice and live in worlds of demeaning powerlessness. We read to empathise with others who journey different paths to our own, making us more compassionate, more engaged . more riled!
We read to enlarge our thinking, we learn of other worlds, other possibilities, we discover universes that alter our mindset-
In all these things we read to be more human. I am no fan of quoting researchers- they can say whatever they want to say, but one has said that the more we read, the greater our empathy to the extended worlds around us becomes- to me that is the power of reading- knowledge gaining is important, learning about the functions of our worlds does matter- but all that is powerless without empathy towards those that inhabit those worlds.

Read people- it will make you nicer!!!

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