Friday, February 27, 2015

What Milo Saw

By: Virginia Macgregor
Location: FIC MAC
Genre: Real life stuff about families and old age and love and loyalty.

Sometimes kids see the world so much better than adults. They see what the real deal is. They call life as it is, they have an innate sense of situation and place. If someone is cruel- they say so, if someone is lonely- they know, if someone is manipulative they figure it out! Us adults we cover our faces, our bases and our hearts. This book is about Milo- a kid who has an eye sight disorder that makes him see the world through a pin hole and he sees it very clearly- it is just no-one believes him- except the Syrian illegal immigrant! It is about Milo's Gran who has dementia and is shuffled off to an old folks home against Milo's deepest wish- he loves his Grandmother- he is her protector, she is his believer- they go together!!
Milos starts to see the cracks in the old folks home, the cruelity and the deceit, so he hatches a cunning plan to expose them. Chuck in the character of Milos pet pig- Hamlet and his confused and lost mother who tries to do her best- we have a cracking yarn about love, life, and the way we all see- or dont see the world! Loved it!!

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