Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Fandom

Image result for 9781910655672By: Anna Day
Location: FIC DAY
Genre: Fantasy Dystopia

“The Fandom will appeal to anyone who has dared to dream about receiving their Hogwarts letter, falling down the rabbit hole or venturing through the wardrobe.”
The School Librarian

"This book was so much fun. I think everyone who is a bit a fan of something will like it. A lot of pop culture references, and the plot was fun and actionpack. It was nice."- Lulai 

 Would you want to be transported to the setting of your all time favourite book? What if that book was a dystopian nightmare filled with an evil government, rebels and of course a few cute guys.
They can’t wait to meet the fandom of mega movie, The Gallows Dance. What they’re not expecting is to be catapulted by freak accident into their favourite world – for real. Fuelled by love, guilt and fear, can the friends put the plot back on track and get out? The fate of the story is in their hands ...

'THE FANDOM is an absolute thrill to read ... Highly recommended!' JAMES DASHNER,

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