Monday, April 9, 2018

The Time of Dread

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By: John Gwynne
Location: FIC GWY
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Series: Of Blood and Bone#1   

Acclaimed epic fantasy author John Gwynne with the first book of a new trilogy.  

“Sometimes the only answer is blood and steel”

The Ben-Elim, a race of warrior angels, once vanquished a mighty demon horde. Now they rule the Banished lands. But their dominion is brutally enforced and their ancient enemy may not be as crushed as they thought.
In the snowbound north, Drem, a trapper, finds mutilated corpses in the forests - a sign of demonic black magic.
In the south, Riv, a young, tempestuous soldier, discovers a deadly rift within the Ben-Elim themselves.
Two individuals with two world-changing secrets. But where will they lead? And what role will Drem and Riv play in the Banished Land's fate? Difficult choices need to be made.

In the shadows, dark forces are gathering, waiting for their time to ri
se. . .

Great evils, conflicted heroes, bloody battles, betrayal, and giants riding battle bears! What's not to love?"--Peter Newman 

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