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Extinction Files- Pandemic and Genome

By: A.G.Riddle
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Genre; SciFi- Thriller
Image result for Genome riddleSeries: Extinction Files #1 and 2  

“Life is uncertain; in the end we control only a single thing: our own thoughts.”

A deadly outbreak in Kenya.
A conspiracy beyond imagination.
And a race to save humanity in its darkest hour.

From A.G. Riddle, the worldwide bestselling author of The Atlantis Gene and Departure, comes a novel that will change everything you think you know about pandemics.

PANDEMIC is A.G. Riddle's first new novel in almost two and a half years. The product of extensive research, PANDEMIC takes readers inside the CDC and WHO response to a deadly outbreak. It features the real-life science and history blended with fiction that readers have come to know and love in Riddle's past novels. PANDEMIC is the first novel in a new series: The Extinction Files. 

This book is full of intrigue, mystery and deep philosophical theories, religious beliefs merged with science. 

This book illustrates the most important fundamental principal of emerging technology... WHO CONTROLS IT.- Brandon

Wonderful writing that captivates and intrigues! Thoroughly enjoyed the anticipation of each upcoming event, written with such realism and creativity!- Rachael

This is a review of both by Jim on Goodreads

PANDEMIC is really the first part of a single novel cut into two parts, and concluding with GENOME. Riddle apparently likes to do this, and used the same strategy with his first (and also hugely successful ATLANTIS GENE, ATLANTIS PLAGUE and ATLANTIS WORLD.

PANDEMIC starts out as your basic plague that destroys the earth thriller, but with a much richer and more complex backstory. Initially there is an outbreak of a new type of hemorrhagic fever, like Ebola or Marburg but not, in a tiny hospital in Kenya. The local head of the hospital very quickly realizes that this is big trouble and immediately notifies the authorities.

In the second chapter we are introduced to Desmond Hughes, who wakes up in a Berlin hotel along side a corpse, not knowing who he is, or the corpse, or why he is in Germany at all. He finds a cryptic note scribbled on the back of a Dry Cleaning ticket, figures out what it means and we are off to the races.

The writing and pacing are excellent and the ideas, the plotting and execution are all fantastic. There are myriad characters each of whom speaks in a distinctive voice, and as in the best mysteries, because PANDEMIC and GENOME are really one giant mystery like and onion with different layers being peeled back one at a time. Each time you think you have figured out what is really going on, Riddle peels back another layer. Missing submarines, ancient secret societies, world-wide conspiracies, molecular biology and computer simulations are all intertwined in a rich soup.

There is great character development going back (and forth) for decades for many of the characters. It is hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys, and they switch back and forth several times before the final denoument near the end of GENOME, which, unless you are a lot smarter than I am, you won't see coming in a million year

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