Wednesday, June 27, 2018

White Night

By: Ellie Marney
36524608Location: FIC MAR
Genre: Young Adult-Cults

'Gutsy characters, a cracking plot, and the perfect amount of swoon - everything Ellie Marney does best.' Vikki Wakefield

A wonderfully compelling novel from the acclaimed author of the Every series.
In Bo Mitchell's country town, a 'White Night' light-show event has the potential to raise vital funds to save the skate park. And out of town, a girl from a secretive off-the-grid community called Garden of Eden has the potential to change the way Bo sees the world. But are there too many secrets in Eden?

As Bo is drawn away from his friends and towards Rory, he gradually comes to believe that Eden may not be utopia after all, and that their group leader's goal to go off the grid may be more permanent - and more dangerous - than anyone could have predicted.

“I decide to be brave. Being brave isn't always about throwing your body on the line in footy clashes. Sometimes it's about letting your heart show in your face." 

This was quite a lovely slow unwinding tale about highschool and love and sustainability and then at the end -- BAM. It PUNCHES YOU IN THE FACE. CWDREW 

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