Friday, February 28, 2014

How to lead a life of crime

By: Kirsten Miller
Location: FIC MIL
Genre: Violent, bad language, crime, murder, rape and other criminal stuff

This book is the opposite of the Gallagher Girls from my reviews yesterday. Instead of going to a school to learn to be a criminal fighter, they go to school to learn to be a criminal. How to Lead a Life of Crime -  if  Dead Poet's Society and Hunger Games had a baby, this would be their love child... 

Jessica on said this about this book
1) The use of the word "f--" seriously, as in they couldn't print the word but couldn't come up with a suitable replacement. The weirdest form of censorship. What The f---  If you won't print the word, don't have your characters say it.
2) Boring characters with inconsistent motivations.
3) Unremarkable relationships.
4) Violence for the sake of plot. Deaths because the protagonist needs a reason to be angry. But we don't really care about the victims.
5) No underlying sense of morality. In fact the author seemed to enjoy describing sadism. And while our hero is fighting against the psychopaths, he doesn't seem any better than them.
6) Lack of realism removed any value this book may have had.
7) So derivative. When Flick calls the school for criminals a "Hogwarts for Hoodlums" it tells you everything about the structure of the story. Wacky classes, unusual teachers, inter school competitions.

The weird thing some people love this book, reckon it is gritty and has a clever synopsis, Steph from Goodreads said this:
This is the first novel that I've read from this author and I have to say that I am very impressed. I don't usually seek out crime, mystery or thriller/suspense novels, but I'm really glad I had an opportunity to read this one. There aren't many books where I can say I have almost nothing to complain about. And even though I've finished the book weeks ago, I still have nothing but high praises for it. Simply put, How to Lead a Life of Crime had fantastic writing, realistic characters and old fashion, damn good plotting.

Two reviews- totally different, what do you reckon?
Dont say I did not warn you and for our younger students, sorry guys, you going to have to wait a couple of years until you can read this one from here.

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