Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Quake Dogs

By: Laura Sessions and Craig Bullock
Genre: Heart warming stories..
Location: 636.7 SES

I had a bit of a weird day today. I was doing a 'Topic Box" about earthquakes for a YR 10 class today, andf it made me think of my home town Christchurch and the day - 22 February 2011-  the quake hit. I decided to look at my sons photos of that day when he was right in the centre of the carnage in the middle of the city. He turned on his camera immediately after the quake hit... everytime I hear it, I shudder and I tear up, he was far far to close to the falling everything. Being the amazing young man he is, he raced into town and spent three hours on the worst hit spot, the CTV building, helping with the rescue efforts.
But he was not the only one helping, and this  beautiful book tells the story of the USAR dogs that rescued trapped victims. It also tells the stories of the dogs that were rescued, and those dogs that stayed by the side of the owners until help arrived.
On the eve of the 3rd anniversary, this book is a great one to add to the collection of those published about the quakes. We are weary of shuddering, of the sadness, this book is about heros, it is about love, it will make you cry, but it make you chuckle, and the centre stage of it all are dogs.
The photos are stunning, and it is full of the best doggy photos ever, but bigger than that, is the stunning stories those photos represent.
 So I am going to be bold, and post my sons video of when the quake hit...

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